28 days to finding your life's purpose


You can find your life’s purpose in 28 days! How do I know this? A dream and 28 days of Soul Coaching®. After a lively discussion on Joseph Campbell with some spiritual girlfriends, I asked myself “What is my bliss?” Of course, dreams were at the top of the list, but was that the whole story, I wondered? So I decided to incubate a dream, meaning to focus on a question before bed so that I can get some answers in my dreams. I repeated “What is my bliss?” to myself as I fell asleep. I caught a dream that had me following a woman named Joy, going down multiple levels of stairs, down through a basement level, to a doorway where I found myself on the top of a stairway that descended into the water of a ritual bath below. As I am about to step into the water, contemplating the way in which I want to say a blessing, I awaken. There are a lot of details that I’m leaving out, to spare you a long dream analysis as it was quite a long dream, but the metaphor is clear: Follow my “joy”, go deeper and deeper below the surface…and it is a blessing!

And how lucky am I that I get to coach people from all over the world in finding their purpose? As an Master Soul Coaching Practitioner and Trainer, naturally I use the soulful and brilliant work of Denise Linn’s 28-day Soul Coaching® program. Then I use my training in dream work to add an additional layer of deep soul work. In Soul Coaching, you learn to clutter-clear your life, so you can hear the authentic voice of your soul and your soul’s purpose. When your head gets in the way with too much analysis, you can count on your dreams to deliver your soul’s message….if you’re listening!

28 Days to Finding Your Purpose?

Yes, really! In just 28 days! You don’t need to go to a mountain top, meditate for hours, channel guides, or do silent retreats. All that you need is a strong intention and a road map. Soul Coaching is the road map. After my Joy dream, which I still ponder and work on, all these years later, I know I’m on the right track. When I wonder if a project or new direction in my work is the right way to go, I refer back to my dream. If the work is in alignment with the dream, I do it! But life isn’t always as clear and simple as that sounds. There are always the “what if’s” and maybes and yes, even self-doubt. Do you question your decisions and direction too? I often doubt my motivation or curse my changing direction and beat myself up for procrastinating…But then I remember who I am (a beautiful, light-filled soul) and give myself some heart-centered TLC. Soul Coaching® is my road map, my ground, and my set-point where I return in order to lift myself out of my ancient, critical patterns and “old stories”. When life befuddles me, I go back to the 28 days, working through the four elements- air, water, fire and earth- within me, clearing away my confusion and getting rid of what I no longer need in my life. I’m learning to let go and it’s an on-going project! I’m feeling like it’s time to do it again. If you’d like to go through the process with me, email me at patti@pattiallen.com.You really can find your life’s purpose in 28 days! And I’d love to go deep with some soul friends!