A Woman’s Tale

Is this your story? A woman’s tale is your tale, my tale…

Once, long ago there was a young woman who wandered through a forest tired, confused and sick. She stumbled and coughed her way in the darkness. She saw neither where she came from nor where she headed. Her days filled with this not-knowing and her nights overflowed with memories…Or were they dreams? Questions hung suspended in the damp forest air overhead. Unasked, they dissolved like fog touched by the noon sun…until the next time.

Then one morning she saw him. He rode into her confusion with only the crackling of the leaves on the forest floor to herald his arrival. He rode tall, proud, mercenary. Following the scent of her unasked questions, he offered her answers. Do you know me, she asked? I will tell you who you are, he promised. You are lost, follow me. You can be exalted, elevated, entitled.  So she followed him, yet he followed her. She began to know, yet she questioned. She somehow understood, yet was still confused. People seems to leave her. “Have I dismissed you?” she demanded.

Together, surrounded by the shrouds of her memories they came to a small house in the forest where the Old One lived. The Old One must know. Can you give me myself the young woman pleaded? Do you know me? Who am I? Remind me; confirm me, accept me, love me. Raise me up, pleaded the young woman as she cried and coughed through her flowing tears. The Old One saw, and took her in. In her heart, the Old One recognized her, just as she knew all the daughters of the forest. She wrapped her in the mantle of love and history and called her Granddaughter. The woman was raised up with the knowing. And with this knowing, she left the forest to become what she already was…herself.