Patti Allen

Patti Allen, M.A. has been in private practice since 1995 helping people grow their souls and find healing in their lives.

It was Patti’s curiosity about her dream life that started her down the path of dream studies and exploration. She has come to be recognized as an expert dream teacher and dream group facilitator, and, together with her Soul Coaching® work as Master Practitioner and Advanced Trainer, she does talks, workshops, lectures, key notes, radio and TV. So it is not surprising that Patti added Bereavement Education to her private practice because of a dream!

Patti is passionate and enthusiastic about dreams and how they can help you listen to the authentic voice of your soul. They help you tap into your innate wisdom to gain self-knowledge that points you in the direction of happiness and success. She has found that Soul Coaching® and dream work are the perfect complement to each other, offering her clients this unbeatable combination!

So tell us, have you listened to your soul lately?

Check Out Patti’s TV Show, “In Dreams” on Gaia