Patti unscrambles complex dream information to make it understandable and relevant to the dreamer's lived experience. This allows the dreamer to be aware of thoughts and feelings that he/she may not be consciously aware of. She has qualities of being strongly intuitive, sensitive, warm, and spiritual.

L. (Social Worker)

“You bring to your work serenity and wisdom that immediately puts people at ease. You listen well, which is something that many people, even in the healing professions, do not do. You have an intuitiveness that is often “spot on”, and a spirituality that defines you.”

J.E. (Administrator)

Patti is a remarkable and compassionate Master Soul Coach. She creates a safe and nurturing environment for discovering your soul’s truth.”

Denise Linn, Founder, International Institute of Soul Coaching

Patti is a healer in every respect. She heals through intuition and is in touch with the essence of the situation at hand. While in Patti's care, I always felt safe and comfortable. She has great insight and knows when to speak and when to listen. Her intuition helps one to awaken to the truth and to move forward with integrity and grace.

Karen K.

Patti brings ground to where there is none, light and inspiration to the eager youthful mind, and structure and credibility to a field within which it is almost impossible to make directional choices without a competent guide. She is that guide.

Rae H., N.D.

Patti's magic is her ability as a true weaver. Patti has gathered the strings and patterns of my life and has woven for me the quilt that is my story. Patti has been there through time, energy and emotion to support me in putting it all together through my own dreams and experiences.

Heather S.

Patti’s Rubenfeld Synergy work, energy and insight have brought her to the level of mentor in my life of inner growth and self-awareness.

Diane V.

Patti combines wisdom, humour, sensitivity, compassion and empathy in a unique blend of healing. One of the key qualities is her open mindedness and non-judgmental nature that one feels in her presence. She exudes a natural healing energy of sincerity and kindness to help patients unravel their emotional baggage. She also has a knowledge of various spiritual disciplines that allows her flexibility in helping many types of people.

Ari. F., M.D.

Patti, you do indeed have a unique "brand", something special which keeps me coming back.

Reiki master, energetic healer, dream interpreter, counselor, intuitive healer, helps balance the body, mind and spirit!

Afsoun K., N.D.

Several things come to mind in describing what you do so well. It starts with your office, which should not even be described as such. Rather, it feels like a mini-retreat, soothing the senses… The mood that is created helps to alleviate my tension and allows me to reach deeper into my thoughts. Once I begin to talk, I've learned that you don't rush to interpret, instead you listen patiently and allow me to "unburden". While this is going on, you quietly digest and assimilate, and ultimately translate and interpret my thoughts in a very meaningful and caring way. I don't ever feel as if I'm being judged, but you do gently challenge me. Thank-you for always being so patient, and making me feel that every session is important.

Jacob K.

On The Benefits of Dream-sharing Groups

We all gain so much from the deeper sharing, we all learn to know each others’ souls, so don't hesitate to share here.

Bonnie C.

Sharing is the back and forth movement that propels our life forward, just like a bird that flies. Dreaming sharing is precisely the same thing for me. And like the two sides of our breathing, I receive the dream in and then equally essential I need to exhale and bring it out into the world. In the back and forth of the conversation much is discovered.

Bonnie C.

Dream sharing is opening to vulnerability and allowing your inner most soul messages to be shared, healed, embraced and celebrated. A life changing process.

Tami D.

Dream sharing is like shopping with your best girlfriends for a great dress - it helps you see things from all angles, even ones you hadn't considered.

Chris W.

I am new to dream study and having the group explain "meanings" to me is like being in a library where a very nice Guide/Runner picks the books I need and opens them at the right page… So much easier for me! I love it!

Carmen R.

Speaking our dreams allows our soul a venue to express itself, which connects us not only to the dreamer and dream content within our psyches, but also reveals and connects us to the most truest aspects of ourselves that remain hidden in the shadows.

Being in a dreamgroup gives us the opportunity to show up with our uncensored inner voice which can be symbolic of how comfortable or uncomfortable we are with who we are in our own skin and in the world.

The mysterious nature of our humanness gently weaves itself throughout the inner realms of our dreamscapes which when expressed become a catalyst to catch up with our truest self!

Laura Y.

Dreamsharing is community where feel truly deeply safe and be vulnerable to be ourselves and discover insights and wisdom to carry forth in our waking lives knowing we are not alone.

Judy C.

When we unpack our dreams on our own, we are limited to our own experiences and understandings, and we often get stuck on the most obvious (to us) interpretations. When we share, we become a synergy, both giving to and borrowing from each other's wisdoms, experiences and interpretations so that, in the end, we all have much deeper and more meaningful understandings of our dreams and of the actions those dreams call us to take.

Victoria R.


We all gain so much from the deeper sharing, we all learn to know each others’ souls, so don't hesitate to share here.

Bonnie C.

To engage at the soul level is to be willing to dig deep – to clear away all levels of clutter to truly access inner wisdom. I can think of no better advocate, mentor, facilitator and coach than Patti Allen. She authentically creates the safe space and atmosphere necessary for such a meaningful and life changing journey. Patti always keeps you moving forward along the path to become your very best self.

Sandee S, participant

Patti Allen is a wise and delightful coach and teacher, who can lead those who work with her on a beautiful journey of self-exploration and understanding. Her dedication to her clients and students experience and success is integral to her work in Soul Coaching.

LuAnn C., Master Educator of Interior Alignment

Patti is a treasured mentor with an innate ability to gently guide you down the path of self- discovery to which you will never be the same.

Tamara D, Participant

How do we learn how to trust ourselves? Listen to our intuition? Connect with our soul and know that we know? Working with Patti I gained that inner trust to know that I was- and am- on the right path. I learned to then take my knowing and share it with others, to teach them how to also trust their inner knowing. Patti has a unique way of working with you that reflects the “true you” back so that you get those great big “ah ha’s” and say yes! I can do this. This is what I am meant to do! Soul Coaching® is a transformational process that cannot be done alone. Patti is right there by your side and can show you the way to grace and ease in your life. I highly recommend joining Patti and becoming a Certified Soul Coach. Not only will your life change, but those around you will benefit too!

Diane K, Soul Coaching® Practitioner

Patti touches souls! Her kind, gentle and angelic aura that surrounds her being has a way of making others very comfortable and of worth. She is an angel mother to many!
The glitter she spreads is endless!

One cannot help but feel such depth of Love and Light within her presence.

Jasmine S., Certified Soul Coach Practitioner

I would highly recommend Patti for the Soul Coaching® Advance Trainer program.
She's an exemplary facilitator who cares deeply about her students, and puts extra effort into setting up a trusting atmosphere that encourages risk taking and deep reflection.
Patti is passionate about Soul Coaching® and would be a perfect fit for the Soul Coaching® Advance Trainer program.

Sandee S.

I took the Soul Coaching training given by Patti Allen in Sedona two years ago. Patti also assisted Denise Linn at the Dream Coaching course I took in Santa Fe the year before that, which was the primary reason I took Soul Coaching from her.

Patti is a calming influence with a brilliantly understated sense of humor. She is truly a knowledgeable and gifted woman, trainer, counselor, listener, and speaker. Whether listening to her live chats or using her soul message cards, I always feel better just being around her energy. She truly is a gem and I am grateful to be able to give her this recommendation.

Thank you,

Paula P.

I highly recommend Patti Allen for the Soul Coaching® Advance Trainer program. She has this beautiful energy about her that is calming, yet motivating! She is present, encouraging, loving, and she creates a safe space where you feel seen and heard. While I took the Soul Coaching® Practitioner training with her I felt alive and in-tune with the greater flow of life that resides within me. I have felt more empowered from her teaching experience than any other. Patti is truly amazing and would be such a fantastic addition to this training! Thank you!

Lois G.

I first met Patti Allen about 15 years ago and I would consider her a mentor. I have been enriched by her sharing of knowledge on so many different, varied and intriguing subjects. She has introduced me to Abraham Hicks, Denise Linn, Seth, just to name a few. Most recently I joined her in Sedonna to become a soul coach. I loved exploring this and it was a very enriching opportunity for me. It is not often that one has the opportunity to meet and explore some spiritual ideas and I have enjoyed doing this with Patti. She is very open minded and grounded.
I understand that Patti is looking to enrich her soul through some further soul coaching opportunities and I would hope that she gets the acceptance to do so as she is so worthy of this endeavour.


Julie B.