You can now become a Dream Coach and change the world, one dream at a time!

There is no easier, more affordable, way to grow spiritually and psychologically, than to pay attention to your dreams. Dreams come to us every night and they ask only that we listen to them and grow from their messages. All you need is the desire to know…and a journal and a pen!

Sadly, we live in a world that does not value dreams. We are told, “It’s only a dream”, implying that it is both fantasy and of no value. Dreamers are dismissed. One dream at a time, we can change this.

For twenty-five years, Patti has been coaching people to find the meanings and the messages in their nightly dreams. And now, for the first time, Patti is training others to do what she does. The work is deceptively easy, yet it has the power to change the world!

The depth of Patti’s insight surrounding dreams and how we can use them to improve our daily lives, is surpassed only by the gentle wisdom and compassion which she generously shares with those fortunate enough to cross her path. Through her decades of study and practice, Patti has repeatedly proven herself to be committed to teaching, to learning and most of all, to listening as we all deepen our soul connections through her experience and knowledge.

Erin Davis

Broadcaster, Author, Podcast Host "Drift" Sleep Stories and Into the Drift Sleep Chats

Patti Allen’s course is filled with profound insights based on her lifetime of research and discovery into the wondrous realm of dreams.”

Denise Linn

Author & Founder, International Institute of Soul Coaching®

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An online certification course.

Creative Dream Coach

Three Ways to Dream
Each course includes one-on-one training time with Patti.

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Dreamers

Go on a dream journey that will take you on an 7-week course of personal exploration as you learn to understand your dreams in the ancient healing ways, and use them for growth and healing.

Creative Dream Coach,
Part 1 - Training

This is a 9-week professional training for anyone who would like to use this in their counseling work, add dream skills to an existing coaching practice or begin a new dream-focused practice of any kind.

Creative Dream Coach,
Part 2 - Certification

This Certification course adds six more hours; a more in depth look at ethics, boundaries, group dynamics and the business and fundamentals of running a practice or groups.

Upon successful completion of all three levels, you will be certified personally by Patti Allen, M.A. as a Dream Coach and Dream Group Facilitator.

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