For years, clutter clearing was not on my radar. While raising four children and pursuing a career, I couldn’t seem to do it without raising piles of “stuff” as well. And by stuff I mean clutter. There was the mail on the counter, which grew seemingly on its own. There was the “junk” drawer, a large drawer of valuable space in a too small kitchen, which held… well… junk, but junk that I thought we might need someday. There were piles of laundry, piles of the kid’s toys that were never returned to their rightful place, piles and more piles of bills to pay and piles of books to read. Oh, and magazines to get to one day and shoes by the door, and never ending “to do” lists…. I’m exhausted just remembering those days. Then the kids went off to university, and then they came back with more stuff. Some moved out again, and then moved back and they came back with three times the amount of stuff they left with all of which is now in a pile in the garage.

What, you may ask, does this have to do with dreams and soul and did you click onto a parenting blog by mistake? Or, are you wondering if this a bad dream and the tag should be “nightmares”?


In my work as a Soul Coach® I specialize in de-cluttering. Unlike regular coaching that focuses on the attainment of a goal or dream, my work is to help you clear away your inner debris so that you can connect with the wisdom of your soul. So we begin in our outer world with the clutter in our homes and our offices and then we move into the clutter in our lives and our inner world and I guide you through that process. When all is done, when the inner debris of your life is cleared away, you will be left with your Self, your spirit and the calm space that will enable you to listen to the voice of your own soul.


Hearing the voice of your soul helps you find your purpose in life. Do you know why you are here? What is your mission in life? If you had two missions-one being a big mission in the world and the second a personal mission in your own life-what would it be? Dreams can also offer you answers and guidance. This requires some clearing as well. If your mind is cluttered before bedtime and your morning is cluttered when you wake up, then it is hard to catch the ephemeral messages that evaporate with the light of day. But I guarantee that you do have a purpose in your life. What if finding it was as easy as cleaning out the piles of stuff in one room?  Seems worth the try. Begin slowly and pick just one area of your home or even your car or your purse to begin with. Then spend some time in the cleared space and see how it feels. You may experience feelings of being lighter or calmer. Ask yourself, if my soul had something to tell me, what would it be? Then just listen and see what happens. Let me know!