Daydream Believers and Davy Jones go hand in hand, don’t they? I was cleaning out files, getting organized for our upcoming move, when I came across this address I had given to the 12th graduating class of Rubenfeld Synergists in 1997. I wrote,

“Dreams are funny. They seem to take place in another dimension, where rules of time and space don’t apply. And then there are dreams that are so clear, they need no interpretation to understand their message. Here is one such dream:

I dream that I am on a road with many other people. It was dusk and the road stretched as far as the eye could see and it was filled with travelers. Sometimes it is a dirt road, dusty and narrow, other times it is a huge, fast moving super-highway. There are twists and turn and potholes along the way. (This may have been a NYC dream!)As I walk the road,I keep pace with the other travelers, as I suddenly notice one small woman with a candle. I watch her as she passes her candle to another and as as she does that, there are instantly several candles. The those people pass their candles on to others. The candle bearers and the candles keep multiplying.

In my dream, I watch this and see the road and the night growing in illumination. I continue on this road until it becomes an obstacle course. Many begin the obstacle course and many drop out. As the number of people on this obstacle course drop, I found a small group of us near the top of a difficult path, which appears to be the top of the hill. I reach the crest, and see several paths open magically before me, but it is dark and I hesitate. That’s when I realize that I have the candle in my hand! As I lift it higher to see what is before me, another hand reaches out to take it. I awake with the image of two hands holding the candle- the giver and the receiver.

Now as I stand before you, I see the candle bearers in the dream are in this room. And I also see the hands that stretched out to receive the candle. So when you wake up tomorrow or the next day, wonder if you dreamed this three-year dream, and, as sometimes happens with dreams, the details start to elude you, I’d like you to remember this: Today, you are receiving the candle and you will, in turn, give that light to others. You have been my students and you are my teachers. And now, you are my colleagues. You can continue this dream, by carrying this light, as a guide to others. Of course, that light is not something outside yourself, out there. It is the light in here, in your heart, that will guide you and others along with you.”

Now, all these years later, I confess. That wasn’t a dream. I made it up. Writers make stuff up all the time. But what it was in fact, was my daydream. Daydreams are often written off as something we do when we are not paying attention; something frivolous, time-wasting and without value. I would argue that besides night dreams, day dreams are my next favorite thing! They help us visualize, imagine and create which is not too shabby. So get out there and start daydreaming and become a “daydream believer”. I think Davy Jones would have liked that.