Dream Coaching

Dreams matter! Over the course of more than twenty years studying and teaching dreams and guiding others in their psycho-spiritual journeys, Patti has come to understand that dreams do have meaning and are not just random firings of the neurons in your brain.

When it comes to understanding your dreams, experienced teachers can guide you but YOU are the only “expert” who can say what your dream means to you. Patti will guide you in finding your dream’s meaning!

Dreams give you information on the state of your body, mind and spirit. They can connect you with your deceased loved ones, guides and spiritual teachers, give you precognitive information, take you on astral travels, past life journeys, warn of illness, help you access spiritual truths and yes, they have everything to do with our emotions and our psychological states. All dreams are valid experiences on the great continuum of consciousness, not imaginary adventures.

You spend one third of your life sleeping. For the average life span, that means 25 years! Your psyche and your soul are sending you messages every night, throughout your entire life. Why not see what those messages mean?

Whether you have general questions about your dreams and would like to be coached to in understanding a particular dream or series of dreams, Patti can help you uncover your dream’s mysteries.

  • Are you plagued or puzzled by nightmares or recurring dreams?
  • Does a particular dream concern or intrigue you?
  • Would you like to have personal and expert coaching with your dreams?
  • Do you need help with your child’s dreams, night terrors or nightmares?

Book Patti for private, one-on-one dream consultations where the puzzle of your dreams adventures, nightmares or recurring dreams/themes will be unravelled in the context of your life.

True and authentic dream work must include the associations and input of the dreamer! Together with you, Patti will help you to understand your dream’s message in a way that makes sense in the context of your own life circumstances.

Dream Coaching Pricing

Full Session: $120, appropriate for a long dream, or series of dreams.

Are you thinking, “I only caught a small portion of a dream”? Or perhaps you just have a few short questions for Patti? No worries! Simply book a half hour session. 30 Minutes (One dream): $65

Dream Coaching Booking