If you have questions about your dreams or dreaming, you can ask your dream questions here. While I can’t promise chocolate chip brownies, I can promise to answer your questions and that my answers will be just as rich as brownies! All questions will be posted anonymously. You can write to me at patti@pattiallen.com.

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Previously Asked Questions

A Dreamer’s Question:

Would you discuss the significance of the color white and of snakes in dreams? Thank you.

Patti’s Answer:

While I don’t think it’s appropriate to get into a “this means that” or “dream dictionary” kind of discussion, because your own associations are uniquely your own, I’ll just say that generally speaking colour can refer to one’s emotional state. But even saying that limits what a colour in a dream can be about. Sometime colour, or the absence of colour, is making a point and it’s there (or not there) in a way that grabs your attention. Sometimes the quality of light is associated with spirit. If you are wondering about a specific dream, I’d encourage you to just sit with the white in your dream and see what comes to you by way of associations, inspiration, or intuition.

It is a similar issue with snakes. What is your relationship, thoughts, feelings, etc. about snakes? What a snake means to me, will be different for you, but it’s is a hugely archetypal symbol. The discussion came up earlier with some friends on Facebook and I have a note on snakes attached to my Facebook page if you are interested but you’ll have to like the page to access it! (SNAKES). You can also read about snakes under my Library of Dreams tab.

Both snakes and colours can be archetypal in nature. Symbols on this level have meaning across time, culture, art, religion, common to all people. All dreams have many layers of meaning, all rich and important to explore. Sweet dreams.

A Dreamer’s Question:

I have quick question:Lately, as soon as my head hits the pillow, and I close my eyes, I begin to see things. I’m not in a dream state yet. The visions just start occurring.

Just closed my eyes, and whoosh, I began seeing people walking around (like one see’s when they’re looking for a seat at a concert or something). The latest is: a number of faces that flashed before me (one at a time). It seemed like it was chronological in time, present to past. I wasn’t really dreaming, however, it was there. Maybe past lives. Like I said, I’m not even sleeping yet and I’m seeing visions. I’m confused. Do you know what’s going on here?

Patti’s Answer:

There are many ways of knowing and perceiving things and we can define dreams quite broadly as only part of a large continuum of consciousness. The “dream” for me is only partly about our nocturnal adventures when we are sleeping. When we close our eyes, and tune out the environment, our brain shifts gears. The stage as we slip into dreams is called the “hypnogogic” stage and can be measured in a lab. Whether your brain is technically in that stage or you literally just closed your eyes, I can’t say, but I do know (and I’ve experienced this too) that all sorts of psychic material and dream material can be observed and felt including past life material, astral journeys and more. So sit back and enjoy the ride!  Sweet dreams!