Guest Speaker

Talks, Keynotes & Workshops

I love to share my passion for the work I do and present talks, keynotes and workshops on the topics of Soul Coaching® and Dreams. Let me create one specially tailored to meet your group’s special interests, or choose from the topics below.

The Abaton Keys®- Eleven Keys to Dream Healing

This talk takes you through the ancient Greek’s use of dreams in healing and how you can use these almost forgotten practices in your daily life. These practices lasted for 1,000 years because they worked! Now you can learn the dream secrets to healing that the Ancients knew!

  • Dreams, Intuition & Art

    This talk explores the connection between dreams, intuition and creative expression. As a workshop, you get to explore hands-on the connection between all three topics as you give expression to your dreams and intuition in the form of creative projects. No artistic talent is required for this workshop!

  • Dreams~ 3 Steps to Living Well

    This talk, presented as a 3-part series, or day-workshop teaches you how to tune into your “iGPS” (your inner Global Positioning System) to know instantly when you are off course or lost and find the right path for you. You will learn how to surf the seas of change so you can thrive in turbulent times as well as learn how to program your dreams, for health, problem solving and creativity.

  • Dreams: The Good, Bad and the Ugly

    In this talk we look into what people call bad dreams. Are they really bad? How do we decipher what is too frightening to even write down, let alone remember? We will throw recurring dreams and nightmares into the mix and if you dare, we will look at the dreams that go bump in the night!

  • Clutter Clearing for Body, Mind and Spirit

    Tidying up is big, with many recent publications on the topic, but what lies beneath? Can you make things tidy once and be done with it? Of course not! A core element in Soul Coaching®, clutter clearing is more than just tidying up the papers on your kitchen counter. Find out what meanings lurk beneath your stuff and see how that affects your body, mind and spirit.

  • Soul Coaching®- Modern Day Alchemy

    Alchemy is the process of turning base metals like lead into gold! Included in this transmutation was the desire to find healing and perfect the body and soul. In a similar metaphorical process Soul Coaching® helps you find your authentic voice and true purpose of your soul. Find out the how’s and why’s of this program, while seeing how simple daily exercises can help you transmute your inner lead to reveal the gold that you are!

  • The Qualities of a Good Dream Detective

    Patti knows a thing or two about solving the mysteries that in our dreams’ messages reveal. In this fun talk Patti will share all the qualities and tricks a required of a good dream detective. You spend 1/3 of your night sleeping, why not find out how to solve the mysteries they present to you?

  • PSI Dreaming

    Whether talk, keynote or longer workshop, this topic is guaranteed to amuse and enlighten you! “PSI” (pronounced “sigh”) dreams are all about the paranormal and psychic phenomena as it shows up in our dreams. Can we really dream the same dream as someone else? Can we see the future in precognitive dreams? Do our deceased loved ones really appear or are we just dreaming that they are there? Can illnesses be discovered before detection? These questions and so much more are on the agenda for this talk! Bring your most “woo-woo” dreams to share.