I have a question for you but first, a confession. I’m not a career blogger! If I were a career blogger, you would have heard from me more often than is the case. But the truth is, I don’t like getting tons of emails, newsletters and posts from bloggers and sales people who all have the cure or the answer for whichever of life’s challenges I happen to be grappling or the latest and hottest “secret” or “You won’t believe what happened next”! I am so sick of the word SECRET! The “secret to…” Are you sick of it too?

I write when I feel inspired to write, to share my experiences and knowledge on dreams and life. So, just to refresh your memory, I decided to finally follow the information from a dream where I was told “Your job is death” and see where that takes me. I’ve been doing just that, studying grief and bereavement through the University of Toronto. Four courses down, two to go. I’m even running a bereavement group with a colleague of mine, but then I choked.

The Dilemma

And by “choked” I mean I had a case of writer’s block. Not that I didn’t have anything to say, but I thought maybe my readers want to stick to dreams and not hear about grief, let alone death. We do live in a death-phobic, youth obsessed culture after all. The more time passed, the more I was frozen in indecision.  Yet, everything I’ve learned about promoting one’s work tells me to see what your demographic wants and offer it! But my demographic is so large! Everyone dreams and everyone dies (eventually) so where to start?

My Question

That’s where you come in. Tell me your opinion.

  1. Would you like to see two separate sites? Dreams AND Grief & Bereavement should be separate, because you’re only interested in one or the other?
  2. Or should it all be under the one banner, one website with different pages? www.pattiallen.com since it’s all part of the Patti Allen offerings (www.pattiallen.com)? It’s up to you and I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts. You can post your responses or email me privately at Patti@pattiallen.com

Just so you know- not that I want to influence your vote- Dreams and Death (among others) were brothers in the Greek mythology. According to the poet Hesiod, Hypnos (Sleep), Oneiros (Dreams) and Thanatos (Death) were all sons of Nyx (Night). The Talmud says that “…sleep is 1/60 of death, and dreams are 1/60 of prophecy. Dreams are the buds of prophecy.” so this isn’t a far out combo. Dreams, death and sleep have been linked in the collective psyche for ages! (FYI, I’m partial to the combo plan.)

Ok, so go ahead and vote…. I REALLY appreciate your opinion and your help! What do you think?