Imagine that you have come to the end of your life. You’re not sick or infirm but you somehow know it’s the end. Imagine that you walk slowly up a path that leads to the top of a gentle, rolling hill. From the top you can see for miles around and at the base of the hill, people have gathered. These are people who have had contact with you, who know and love you, but also people who have heard of you. Your reputation has grown over the years and you are known as a person of wisdom and insight and have touched many lives. Imagine that you are on that mountain top to tell everyone what you have learned in this life. They are waiting and you begin…

“We cannot know everything”, you say. There is Mystery in life and we need to allow and make space for the unknown. But we can come close if we listen to our dreams. All the clues that we need to decode our own lives are there for us if we pay attention.” You pause and breathe. Then you continue, “Take the time to pause, breathe more deeply, and open your heart without fear and guarding yourself from the pain of being hurt, abandoned or unloved. Don’t be afraid to love. You are safe. Play more.”

And finally, because it’s the end of your life and you are so much less concerned about what people think of you than when you were young, you start to sing, “Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.”  All the people join in singing with you because they understand what you mean.  They understand that you are telling them to row, meaning they have to be co-creators in their lives and do their part. They know that you are saying that they can do it gently, by rowing down-stream with the current, without resistance or struggle. They can do it with merrily with joy and finally, life is a dream. “All the world’s a stage” and they are playing their various parts, trying different roles in order to grow their souls, whether over many lifetimes or just one.

What if we were to actually do this? What if we climbed to the top of a mountain and surveyed the road we have travelled, looking at our lives from a higher perspective and then shared the wisdom from the journey? If you haven’t been to the top of your mountain lately, you might want to consider the possibility of getting a new perspective on your life, your problems as well as your joys and triumphs and then sharing it with the world. You can do this by taking some time for yourself to pause and reflect. It doesn’t have to be a huge chunk of time. It can be done in an hour. But you do have to take the time to step back and survey the land by raising yourself up to a higher vantage point. From there, your life and your problems may look different. Then share what you’ve seen with someone you trust.

Know this: You have touched more people than you can possibly know and there is an intricate web of connection between you and others, between your thoughts and the ideas that are “out there” and your life. You have touched your family and friends, but also all those “strangers” who are gathering at the foot of your mountain. I imagine that they are waiting to hear from you.