Gayle Delaney

Do you remember any childhood dreams? If so, what’s the earliest?

I know I had some, but I thought nothing of them. I thought dreams were nothing particularly of interest. I didn’t think evil of them, I just didn’t hear about dreams from anyone.

When did you first get interested in understanding your dreams? How did that unfold for you?

I was living in France and when visiting home, my boyfriend gave me Edgar Cayce’s book, The Sleeping Prophet. It wasn’t something I wanted to read but if you ask for a recommendation, you owe it to that person to read it. I read it and had a knockout dream that ended all my existential angst. I woke up from that and was no longer anxious about the meaning of life, social or spiritual enlightenment. I got enough to know that life is just fine and my job is to bring cheer in life. And that underlying the real pain and disgusting wretchedness of life is joy and beauty and it’s my job to work at that….I was convinced and liberated from worrying about the meaning of life. That was 1970. It was a very liberating dream! That dream was extraordinary. I had rosy cheeks for 3 weeks and that wasn’t typical for me! That’s what turned me on to dreams. After that dream, which needed no interpretation, I wondered how come our educational system doesn’t teach this? I knew nothing about it [dreams] and only read silly things about dreams.

How did dreams play a role in your life, whether in decision-making or in healing?

Yes, in every aspect of life! Career choice for one. I was going to go back to Princeton in fund-raising (I thought I should make a living). I had dream after dream telling me, “No, don’t do it!” When I said yes to the radio job (the first satellite radio show in Seattle) I had a dream that basically congratulated me for my decision.

In my relationships… Dreams helped me divorce. Dreams helped me get over my guilt at leaving a good man.

Dreams to help me [ice] skate better. On buying houses….not psychic dreams, but dreams that help me think better. My dreams have never given me a bum steer and I’ve used them tons in my life. But I only use them when it makes sense to me in waking. I have ignored dreams that said, “Absolutely don’t be in a relationship with this guy.” A wonderful man….But I decided on my own, in my own time…but the dream was right! And eventually they helped me through it.

They have helped me with diet, health, exercise…. My dreams have given me “B12 shots” Metaphorical energy –accelerating my perception of beauty and love.

If you could give one piece of advice to those who are just starting to listen to their dreams, what would it be?

Don’t let anyone tell you what your dream means. Don’t become a follower. Figure it out for yourself. (There are ways to do that.) Don’t follow other people’s (or other systems’ and theories’) interpretations. Find a way to know what it means that holds true in all your dreams and your waking consciousness. Learn to understand metaphor.

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