Personal Growth-Over Easy


When it comes to personal growth, do you want it “over easy”? Have you ever noticed how so many people want instant information and instant enlightenment? People would rather get a psychic reading than do the work to figure their lives out for themselves. I find that is true of dreams as well. People want to know what their dreams mean rather than explore the dream themselves. When the synchronicities of topics repeating themselves happen, I pay attention.

Wanting easy answers is an interesting trend that I don’t actually believe is a new trend. It’s the complexity of human nature. We don’t want to be told what to do yet we pay people to do just that. I think it is similar to the Chinese proverb, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” If there was a proverb that covers this situation, it’s because people weren’t doing it! Back in the day—whenever that proverbial day was—people must have been saying, “Hey, man, can you spare a fish?”

So what does this have to do with you? Ask yourself, have you ever gone for a reading with someone in the Intuitive Arts field? Of course you have and so have I! It’s fun to get a reading and I’ve always told myself that these readings give me an objective overview and a perspective on my life that I might not see from up close. Okay, somewhat true, but really…. Don’t we just want to know what will  happen next? This is our nature as human beings but if we really want to wake up and catch our souls in action, it won’t be from the easy answers that a psychic will give us.

This also speaks to our issues with power. To do the work of awakening, being fully conscious of our choices, our lives and our personalities, we have to be willing to take back our power and become the empowered souls we are meant to be. I’m not saying we need to become powerful over someone else, but fully available to own our strengths and our gifts, using our energy for creating the lives we want. Ask yourself, if I were to fully allow my most powerful self to come through and live from the intuitive part that already knows the answers, what is the worst thing that could happen? When you get clear on your fears, then you can choose to shift them.

Having said that I just want to add one point. I have a lot of friends who give intuitive readings of one sort or another and they are wonderful people who want to help. And as a Mentor for Denise Linn’s Hay House course-Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reading Certification-I really encourage people to use oracle cards to access their own innate talents and intuition. Clearly, I think there is nothing wrong with going to a psychic now and then. In fact, you never know if that reading won’t be the very thing that starts you on your path to wholeness and enlightenment. A better way might be to learn to be more in touch with your own intuition (it’s a skill that can be learned) rather than book a regular appointment with a psychic. Join a dream group rather than ask for an interpretation. Learn astrology and see what the stars hold. Look inside yourself in order to grow, not to someone else. Don’t give your power away to gurus, rather find your inner guru. I’m suggesting that we need to work at our personal growth with a little more effort than it takes to fry some eggs, over easy.