I know you don’t usually see blog posts about portals, transformation and snow tires, but here’s the deal. I’m a little disappointed in myself. Here it is November 11, 2011, 10:37 am and the much hyped (dare I use that word?) 11:11:11, 11:11 am portal is about to come into alignment and I’m sitting in a tire shop waiting for my snow tires to be put on. I had great plans to be home meditating my way into the new world and yet here I am, sitting square in the old world! Here in Canada it is Remembrance Day and there are certainly many fallen soldiers- from past to present wars- to pause to remember. But it is the 11:11:11 opening that got me thinking about transformation in terms of everyday life.

This excitement around this number has to do with numerology, synchronicity and the Mayan predictions and it’s hard to know what is true, what is conjecture and what is social networking nonsense. Let me just confess that I do like it when 1:11 or 2:22 appears on my digital clocks and I will often look up Doreen Virtues “Angel Number” definitions and meanings. But when I look outside myself for hidden meanings and definitions, then I am once again, giving over my knowing and power to someone else. I think I’ll cut back on looking those meanings up for awhile.

It’s hard to know from the vantage point of earth-bound souls, caught in this time-space continuum, but I practice a very pragmatic spirituality. Here’s what I have figured out for myself:

  • The times they are a changin’– Okay maybe Dylan figured this out first but I’ve seen it to be true in my own life and the life of friends and clients. What has worked for humankind in the past is no longer a reality that many of us what to live. Whether by choice or circumstance, life is changing. This has given many of us challenges that we never imagined we would have to deal with, but though hard, it is good. We’re growing our soul.
  • Shift Happens: If 11:11:11 is really a shift in all life as we know it that ushers in a New Age, the Age of Aquarius and all that , then we have a choice to transform toward enlightenment or stay stuck in the quagmire of history. Even as we try to heal our emotional pain and trauma and raise our vibration, we still need to live IN the world. So the fact that my portal shift found me in the tire store,  temporarily disappointed, I have chosen to shift the meaning I find in this. I have come to conclude that putting on my snow tires when my schedule had an opening, is an act of self-care. Besides all the safety issues for which snow tires make sense, I have decided that if shift happens, I want to be ready to roll into transformation. My wheels are ready!
  • Time Machines:  I was always fascinated by Sci-Fi stories that focused on time travel but I’ve come to believe that time isn’t linear, except from our limited experience here in our human suits on Earth. When we unzip these suits, shuffling off our mortal coil, then we will find that all time is happening at once. I did get to experience this once in a dream, and in that momentarily experience I felt the truth of this in my very cells. This means that 11:11 am came and went as I wrote this and it doesn’t matter. It is still “11:11″ in the moment I do put my attention to opening, shifting and transforming into a more enlightened version of myself.
  • Portal, Shmortal: Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously! In my pragmatic practice of enlightenment I am still going to chop wood, and carry water (or in my case it’s more like: run errands, change tires) no mater what level of vibration I can raise myself to. I would like to suggest that this portal is opening within us. Transformation cannot happen on a certain day, or particular hour, just because 11:11:11 seems like a good day to transform. The shift happens in every small decision, in every small choice; one choice at a time. So choose to heal, choose to help, giving service to others for the greater good, chose to love and forgive on your own timetable, when you are ready. 11:11:11, 11:11 is always NOW.


All that being true, I will have a do-over choice-point tonight, should I decide to hook up with the energies at 11:11 pm. Will I be up meditating and praying tonight, or will I give in to the truth and wisdom that I can access in my dreams? What do you think?