21-Day Clutter Clearing Quest

Soul Coaching Training is now available online!

Whether you’ve done the 28-day Soul Coaching® Program already or you just want to start by simplifying and reducing your stuff, you may be drawn to focus on an intensive clutter clearing experience.

Clutter is Hot! Combine “clutter and tidying up” in your online search and you’ll get more than 21 million possibilities!

Everyone is talking about tidying up, hoarding and clutter, but from a spiritual perspective, letting go of physical “stuff” equates with letting go of emotional blockages and barriers in your life. In truth, clutter clearing, which has been an integral part of the Soul Coaching® Program from it’s inception over fifteen years ago,  is never just about the stuff; it’s a signpost that indicates other things going on in your life beneath the surface. If you don’t go to the source of the reasonfor the clutter, it will accumulate again. Working with your Soul Coaching® Practitioner can help you remove the energetic wall that clutter creates, and it can give you insight into what’s blocking your path to an extraordinary life.

This course is only offered by Advanced Soul Coaching® Practitioners or Advanced Trainers. Patti is one of the few certified to offer this course. We meet four times over the 21 days, online or in person. Extra in-home support is available.

Receiving the keys to free yourself of clutter, you will meet with Patti for 4, 1 hour sessions for $405