One-Hour Soul Sampler

Soul Coaching Training is now available online!

Try Our One-Hour Soul Sampler

Not sure if Soul Coaching® is for you? Some people don’t want to make a commitment of 28 days without knowing what that that commitment will involve. You want to make sure the program is in alignment with both your energy and your needs. You are a discerning consumer and you want to make an informed choice. That makes perfect sense!

Why not try our one-hour sampler and get a sense of the work what it will do for you? The sampler will give you the feel for the 28-Day Program, giving you a taste of the exercises, the intuitive work, dream work or a Soul Journey. And even more importantly, a one-hour sampler will give you a sense of Patti, to know if she is the right Soul Coaching® Practitioner for you! Years ago, a study was done on therapists to determine what factors were essential in building a successful practice, but the conclusions can apply to any client/coach alliance. They asked what the most important factor was in a successful therapeutic alliance. Was it the type of therapy? The experience of the practitioner? The setting? Was it the mix of personalities? No, it was simply this: The client trusted their therapist. What is true in therapy is true of any client/coach relationship. A sense of trust must be present. A one-hour sampler with Patti will help you determine if you feel comfortable with her coaching style and whether or not you can find a sense of trust from the synergy of your combined energies.

The sampler is available by phone, in person or online.

Experiencing a taste of Soul Coaching®, you will co-create this one-off session together with Patti using Soul Coaching® tools. $130/hour