Have you pondered the nature of your reality? At some point, you may feel the call to explore spiritual practices that are far from that old time religion of our grand parent’s day. You may begin to explore the big questions of what your purpose is and because it is a huge endeavor, and you may look for a system of guidance to help your search. But no matter where you turn, you are likely to find the spiritual laws or “rules” that are beliefs that are shared by many and are thought of as consistent as the law of gravity. They apply to all of life and afterlife; the Universe and the “Multiverse” (since we are not alone out there). Of all the laws with which spiritual seekers first come in contact, it is the law that we “create our own reality” and this is often the most difficult to understand. There is no way that I can give the topic its due in a word-counting venue, but it’s a topic worth grappling with so we can at least begin.

To be properly understood, the idea that we create our own reality needs the foundational understanding that consciousness creates form. That is easily understood when we think of an inventor first having an idea for an invention, then he or she creates it. The artist has an idea of a piece of work and then paints or creates it. Even with a spontaneous, in-the-moment creation, the thought “I’ll pick up my paint brush”, precedes the painting. So our thoughts precede the creation of form or any actions that may follow the thought. If we can agree on that, then it isn’t difficult to extend that understanding to creating our own reality.


What you believe to be true about your Self or your life will match your reality. Here’s the tricky part, most of the time those thoughts are unconscious. You are not aware of them. They may be created on a subconscious level or on a soul level, as something you planned to experience in order to grow your soul. So when faced with a horrible life situation, many people will argue “How can I have created this?” “I am the victim. I didn’t choose to be attacked or poverty stricken or riddled with cancer….” or any other difficult life situation you can name.


The fact is that we cannot control very much in life other than ourselves, but how we think about our Selves, our lives and how life works will color the very life situations we find ourselves in. And when we find ourselves in situations that we never would have consciously chosen for ourselves, in which we feel like we had “no choice”, we can nevertheless choose how we will react. If we can master those situations by choosing how we react, then we can begin to see that we can choose our thoughts and our reality.


To honestly understand how this works in you, try meditating and imagining yourself sitting by the bank of a river watching your thoughts float by. No reaction or engagement with your thoughts is necessary. This simple practice will enable you to begin to discern which thoughts you are thinking, which thoughts are helpful to your life and which are not. Once you are aware of these thoughts, you have a choice. You can choose to think different thoughts! In this simple practice, you may just discover the nature of your reality, and from this place of pure awareness, create something new.