The power of groups is well known. Let me explain for those who have never attended a group of any sort. Group work is not unlike a candle flame. Have you ever felt the heat of one candle with your hand? Of course you have! And as you add candles, the heat expands and you can feel it from further out. So, for example, the heat from the candles of a Baby Boomer’s birthday cake, will be much hotter than a 5 year old’s cake! (Better make a wish and blow out those candles fast, before the cake melts!)

It’s the same with people’s energy. One person, talking to another, will have an exchange of energy. But add many people to the circle, and the energy builds exponentially. That’s why I love group work! Groups have the power and the energy to facilitate deep awareness and lasting change. The “heat” of many souls is powerful and works as an alchemical catalyst in your metaphysical kitchen.

Whether a BBQ and sing-along around a fire pit, where the food tastes better and the harmonies are exquisite,  or in psychotherapy, where the power of groups is well-documented, people can always feel the difference. In regard to the therapeutic use of groups, Mary Ann Huckabay, Ph.D. writes,

“Groups provide their members with a community of peers, whose experience and understanding echo the vicissitudes and wisdom of one’s own life. Groups provide a safe harbor for exploring essential life issues…” [Gestalt Therapy, p. 303].

In my own world, one of my dream groups just ended after 12 years (that’s not a dream group record, but it’s MY dream group record!) , yet the members have become close and want to continue to meet socially.

I bring this up because every August, I plan my groups for the coming Fall. And as I consider what I want to offer, I can feel the energy rising. This year, even more so, as I add more group opportunities to the mix. In addition to my on-going (some are online)  dream groups, I’m adding grief support to the mix:

DREAMSHARING: 8 weeks online…..FULL

GATEWAY DREAMING: A 4-week online dream group for those who want to get a taste of working with dreams, bringing body, mind and spirit into the process….$75.00. Perfect for beginners in dream-catching as well as experienced dreamers. Begins Wednesday, September 14th, 2016 @1-3 pm EASTERN- 3 SPACES STILL AVAILABLE

TORONTO DREAM GROUP: In person, in North York, this 6 session group will meet over September and November as we explore dreams in an experiential way; including body/mind dream work, Psi dreaming and Spiritual dreams. $150, starting Tuesday, September 13th, 2016 @ 7:30 pm- 4 SPACES AVAILABLE

A DIFFERENT KIND OF BEREAVEMENT GROUP: 6 Sessions, North York location, for those who have lost their significant other. Discussion and support, meditation and Tapping (EFT), dreamwork and more. $180, beginning Thursday, September 15th, 2016

I hope you will contact me, even if you are just curious and want to ask some questions. The power that builds in a group, may be the very push you need to help get you over the hurdles in life. Let’s turn up the group energy this Fall!