We don’t always know the whole story. I’m devastated by the news that Denise Linn and family are being muscled off their forty acre Summerhill Ranch in central California by a Denver oil company. Denise is author of more than 16 books, healer, Hay House radio host and the founder of Soul Coaching®. She is soul-sister and friend, Mentor and Teacher all in one.

I like to think I’m more highly evolved than I am, but when someone or something threatens those I love, I turn into an angry mother bear. And my Mother Bear has certainly come out! The thoughts I’m thinking about this company, who has bought up all the land on three of their surrounding sides are leaning towards old world curses.

I, too, have to leave my home of 25 years this year for reasons not of my choosing,  as do countless other people I know, and I have to wonder why. Is our energy needed elsewhere? Was something out of alignment with our soul’s purpose or the energy of the place? In Denise’s case, a healer/teacher that reaches thousands and thousands, is there somewhere else that she is needed? Or is a cigar just a cigar, and greed and power have just won the day?

In challenging and heart-breaking times like these, I am reminded of a story Denise tells. It’s a long story and I don’t actually remember it all, except for the mantra that runs throughout the story: We don’t know the whole story! Yes, in this case, we do know the story of this company’s greed, but we don’t know what’s next and where else Denise and all of us who are moving or being moved are needed. Nor do we know why.

When healing, asking “why” too soon can stop the whole process dead in its tracks. It throws us into our head, whereas feeling our feelings, helps us heal.  Asking “why” just pushes us into the victim corner, with “why me” following on its heels shortly after! Detachment, on the other hand, helps us move to the top of the hill and survey events from a broader perspective. Like the mighty turkey vultures that circle the hills over Denise’s home, we can gain another sense of the scene below.

We don’t know the whole story. And if we think we understand events as they happen, then we suffer from myopia. So I will curse the fates for Denise, for me, and for all those who are going though tough and unjust times right now, but I will not imagine that I know what the Creator has in mind for us. In the end, we don’t know the whole story, so all we can do is send each other love. That’s all we really need. This includes oil companies, I suppose.